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Timeless Beauty!

Do you know that feeling when you want to look and feel different?

Just enough change to feel recharged. Like that feeling of fresh bed sheets and a reorganized home.

Here at Timeless Beauty, we know that feeling. There’s nothing better than to catch yourself smiling because you know you look and feel good!

Whether it’s your wedding day or a routine self-care day, we are here to help you feel your very best self.


Luxury and Class. Sophistication and Elegance. Feeling “expensive” doesn’t always involve a price tag. It’s the genuine feeling of prioritizing yourself, to look and feel your best self. With our services, we ensure our clients feel like themselves, but in a new and elevated way. No matter what day, year, or decade, your look will be forever Timeless.

You’re In The Right Place!

Airbrush Foundation

We always recommend airbrush foundation, especially if you feel like your foundation always looks “cakey” Airbrush is lightweight on the skin and looks fantastic in photos. The pure definition of “Natural Makeup”

Bridal Makeup

It’s your special day! Have a makeup artist drive straight to you and perfect your wedding day look. P.S. Everyone enjoys pampering, so let’s include your bridesmaids, MOB, and MOG. Even the Grandmas LOVE this!

Lash Extensions

The effortless way to look like you have mascara on without having to use mascara! This service is excellent for those who feel like their lashes are very short or barely have eyelashes anymore. Contact us to learn more.

Get in Touch

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help!